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As a new parent, Andrea plainly refused to dress her daughter in boring clothes with smiling bears, grinning monkeys, colourful rainbows and nauseating hearts. Her baby was bratty, demanding and had some serious attitude and spunk in her mischievous eyes. ‘I love Mummy’ bodysuits just didn’t cut it!


It didn’t take long, before she roped in her husband to come up with some quirky designs and four months after Baby S, she brought her second baby - Lapitt, into this world. Baby S became the inspiration for ideas, the official brand ambassador, the test dummy, the model and the drawing board. #TheOriginalLapitt, as Andrea likes to call her. Andrea has her mind set on making childhood bold, fun and quirky, cos’ it’s only a matter of time till Baby S will start choosing her own clothes - and mum won’t have any say in it!



Despite the ill-advised humour, Andrea loves her bratty baby a lot. She just hates ‘I love Mummy’ bodysuits. Also, #TheOriginalLapitt was around 6 months in the picture above. Since then she has grown bigger, talkative and ever more bratty. Wish us luck with her!

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